The CommUnity Bubble

DATE: Various dates throughout the Festival

ORGANISATION: Volunteer Scotland + volunteers

EVENTS:  The CommUnity Bubble will be present at various events throughout the Festival of Volunteering: Stirling. Full list of events coming soon.


A CommUnity Bubble is a coming together of people to talk about community spirit. It is a fun, safe, and neutral space to enjoy and build relationships. In fact it’s an amazing space for sharing. It’s a way of finding out how best to look out for each other, and what practical actions we might take.

A CommUnity Bubble can be held anywhere. We’ve already been held in a refugee cafe, Glasgow Green, Chapelle Crescent (street in Tillicoultry), SQA offices, Bo’Ness miners welfare centre, and Charity Hub. We know people want to help out, and we’re reaching out to those that are normally ignored and it’s where and when that suits you and your folk.